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alaska temp history

Report Station. The 1964 Alaska earthquake, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in North America, struck Alaska’s Prince William Sound, about 74 miles southeast of Anchorage. The temperature dropped to a record -80 degrees Fahrenheit at Prospect Creek Camp in 1971. A period of bitter competition among fur traders was resolved in 1824 when Russia concluded separate treaties with the United States and Great Britain that established trade boundaries and commercial regulations. As early as 1700, native peoples of Siberia reported the existence of a huge piece of land lying due east. The situation is not yet considered “abnormally extreme,” reports Mike Baker of the New York Times, but in the interest of preventing further conflagrations, Alaska’s fire marshall banned Fourth of July fireworks in most areas. People have inhabited Alaska since 10,000 bce. Kodiak served as Alaska’s capital until 1806, when the Russian-American Company, organized in 1799 under charter from the emperor Paul I, moved its headquarters to Sitka, where there was an abundance of sea otters. Average temperatures in the interior range from about 45 to 75 °F (7 to 24 °C) in summer and about 20 to −10 °F (−7 to −23 °C) in winter. Moreover, the Arctic Ocean’s pack ice has decreased in thickness, and in summers it has been receding farther north, increasing the possibility that both the Northwest and Northeast passages, accessed through the Bering Strait, may become open for navigation during the summer. The cold records of Alaska (which contend with some areas of Canada those of the entire north American continent) have been set in this area, and in particular in the valleys of the Yukon River and its tributaries, where cold air during winter easily stagnates, especially after cold air outbreaks from Siberia or the North Pole. Average temperatures and precipitation amounts for more than 58 cities in Alaska. The panhandle and southern islands are covered with Sitka spruce, hemlock, some Alaskan cedar, and other evergreens. Though Alaska is known as a snowy region of the United States, it has experienced its share of sweaty summer days. The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. A dispute between the United States and Canada over the boundary between British Columbia and the Alaska panhandle was decided by an Alaska Boundary Tribunal in 1903. Ice and snow reflect the sun’s radiation back into the atmosphere; when they melt, they expose dark areas of water that trap heat. At Valdez 200 inches (5,100 mm) of snow is not uncommon. Fairbanks often has summer temperatures in the 80s and occasionally gets up into the 90s. Baker reports that ice on the Bering and Chukchi Seas, which border Alaska, disappeared weeks earlier than usual in some spots. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. Brigit Katz is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Alaska, North Carolina and Georgia saw their hottest years on record in 2019, with above-average temperatures for most of the U.S. The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in Alaska are both in the Interior. Some have taken to calling the state “Baked Alaska.”. Alaska - Alaska - Climate: Alaska is known for its variable climate, which is influenced by ocean currents. Midnight sun over Kotzebue Sound, Alaska, north of the Arctic Circle. The state of Rhode Island could fit into Alaska more than 420 times. Temperature and precipitation normals as a function of time of year are available for many of these sites at the CDC Climate site. The islands of the Bering Sea represent a small but unique Arctic maritime environment, typified by St. Lawrence, Nunivak, and St. Matthew islands and the Pribilof group. Myth: Summers in Alaska are always cool. However, the Cordova-Valdez region and parts of the west-central panhandle have the state’s highest precipitation, 220 inches (5,600 mm) or more. Boreal forest, Alaska, U.S., dominated by spruce trees (. Of these migrant groups, the Athabaskans, Aleuts, Inuit, Yupik, Tlingit and Haida remain in Alaska. Keep up-to-date on: © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine. AccuWeather meteorologist Brett Rathbun reported on Monday that the sweltering heat is expected to remain in place for the next few days, due to a “heat dome” that has settled over the southern part of the state. Terms of Use The Alaska Purchase was initially referred to as “Seward’s Folly” by critics who were convinced the land had nothing to offer. These are the stations in Alaska with the best historical climate information. Both proved later to be of immense value in the commercial development of the state. The North Slope is home to large herds of caribou in the summer. Though Alaska is known as a snowy region of the United States, it has experienced its share of sweaty summer days. Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. Northern lights over Bear Lake, Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska. Purina Just Launched Pet Food Made of Fly Larvae, The Short, Frantic, Rags-to-Riches Life of Jack London, New Prehistoric Marine Reptile Resembled a Miniature Mix of Loch Ness Monster, Alligator and Toothy T. Rex, The True Story of the ‘Free State of Jones’, Behind the Scenes With the White House Residence's Long-Serving Staff, The Lab Saving the World From Snake Bites, How Hedges Became the Unofficial Emblem of Great Britain.

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