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commander deck building

This is a true battlecruiser deck, with limited control. Choose the right equipment, spells and origin to create the ultimate sorcerer. I’m also running the often-hated Null Rod, but since we don’t have any activate-able artifacts and I chose not to run mana rocks, it seems prudent to lock down opponents artifacts if we can. This has some implications, such as card effects no longer being zero sum. Or bottom-up? Now let’s change the example. Finally, assess what mana sources we need to power all these things.

So how do you breed creativity in Commander? It’s worth noting that you can have other legendary creatures in your main deck too if you want, as long as they’re in the right colours. The more you play your deck, the more you’ll realise that some cards just aren’t doing anything and should probably be replaced. Ten is probably a good place to start.

Tribal decks – that is, decks whose creatures all (or mostly) share the same type—are among the favorites of many Commander players. Share Share Tweet Email. Zaxara costs 1BGU, so it’s color identity means that a commander deck with Zaxara as commander is allowed to include cards from the colors Black, Green, and Blue, the basic lands of that color identity, and artifacts and colorless cards. Instead I’ve hurt myself and the opponent whose card I targeted, and essentially helped my other two opponents. You’ll know when this is the case when you’re usually unhappy to see a card instead of happy to see it. Often times if you choose removal (and for that matter, ramp and card draw) that synergizes with the strategy you are trying to play, you will find that your deck is overall stronger than the sum of its parts. Swords to Plowshares is probably the most efficient removal spell in the entire game, but I would pick Oblivion Ring instead to go in an enchantress deck. I am very passionate about deck-building and self expression.

Maybe your deck is way too strong and your friends don’t like playing against it.

This is the best part of building a Commander deck. If I have Doubling Season in play and Zaxara, I’ll get 2 tokens, each with 2x power. But in some senses it’s a weaker combo than others, because if one of my opponents casts fog, I can’t win the game on that turn.

One of the fears of combo decks is that combo pieces will be frittered away or removed, perhaps exiled, and the combo can never be achieved.

That leaves you with around 60 cards to choose. The commander(s) count against this limit. Cards that make your opponent draw themselves to death. You can find me on Instagram @dpenguinagain or on Twitter @again_penguin. Commander decks must consist of exactly 100 cards. You’ll still want a nice bell curve of mana costs in your cards, but unless you’re playing cEDH (competitive EDH, a hellscape where games end before you’ve even finished shuffling - fun, but in a horribly different way), you can have a bit more fun. Play around with the cards that you like or think would be good and adjust these recommendations accordingly. Similarly, Oblivion Stone takes care of everything on the board, but wouldn’t you rather have Nevinyrral’s Disk in your Superfriends deck? It also includes force of vigor to stop a combo, crop rotation to tutor out power land or respond with a bojuka bog or cephalid coliseum to disrupt a win. Alesha, Who Smiles at Death costs 2R, however she has B/W in her card text, so a deck with Alesha as commander could include cards with the color identity White, Black, and Red.

I played it a lot when I was in High School and College. There are also some card effects that cause you to win the game, or cause a target player or opponents to lose the game. Cards like Cyclonic Rift, Mizzium Mortars and Winds of Abandon often put you in a good position to win. Kaalia of the Vast puts angels, demons and dragons into play, allowing large etb effects and haymakers or comboing off with cards such as Razaketh. Generally speaking, you want to try and find cards that affect all of your opponents while leaving your own stuff untouched. It can even occasionally be a planeswalker, but only very specific ones, so it’s usually best to just stick to creatures. I’ll refer to these to types of deck building as “top-down” and “bottom-up” deck design respectively. Cards that copy other cards are fairly common, but there are only a couple that copy a card while maintaining their name or bypassing the legendary rule, and these two both accomplish that. There are lots of cards that prevent combat damage, prevent attacking, or other such effects. Formats that have smaller decks often have no need for more than 4-7 lands on the battlefield at the same time. Blue will have to counter spells or put creatures back in their owner’s hands. In 60-card formats like Standard and Modern, decks can run anywhere from 19-25 lands. That’s almost twice as much mana as any other player at the rest of the table. This ensures that your commander is virtually always available to you, if you can pay the cost – Zaxara is now up to 5BGU to cast! So, first you choose what kind of deck you want to build: Top-down?

By Louis Kemner 1 day ago.

Then there are commanders who don’t really do anything for you other than fulfill the requirements of being a legendary creature (or specifically noted planeswalker) and giving you access to cards of their color identity.

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