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elearn sask health authority

Read more about learner placements in the Saskatchewan Health Authority . Manager Orientation. Midwifery. This Medication Assistance Module has been prepared for the Ministry of Health, Government of Saskatchewan for use by operators and employees of Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan. Healthy and Home. Long Term Care. PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit) RUH/JPCH, Diabetes - Insulin - How to use the BD Autoshield Pentip VIDEO, Diabetes - Let's Talk About It Teaching Tool, Inhaler Technique - LiveWell Chronic Disease Management, LiveWell Chronic Disease Management Personal Safety Awareness, LiveWell Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes Foot Screen, 2020 Delegation of Task to Formally Educated Unregulated Care Providers - Intro to P&P for nurses & managers, 2020 Delegation of Task to Formally Educated Unregulated Care Providers - Intro to P&P for UCPs, Immunization Flu Shot Refresher/Review 2020, Onboarding for Dube Centre/Mental Health Short Stay Staff, Professional Assult Responce Training (PART) Basic, Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety Review 2019, Facilities Management General Orientation, Fall Reduction & Injury Prevention (May 2018), Least Restraint - Mechanical and Environmental Restraint, Ostomy Care & Management - Orientation 2020, Pump: Elastomeric Infusor Pump Disconnects Home Care 2020, Vocera I i - Introduction to the Vocera B3000N Badge, Vocera I ii - Working With the B3000N Badge, Vocera II - Collaboration Suite 3 - Clinicians, Vocera III - Collaboration Suite 3 - Providers, Vocera IV - Messaging Platform Web Console, Vocera IX - Setting Up Tiered Administrators, Vocera V - Working With Voice Reminders and the Badge, Vocera VI - Working with Voice Reminders and Collaboration Suite, Vocera VIII - Fundamentals for Tiered Administrators, JPCH and RUH Adult ED Building Orientation - All Staff, JPCH and RUH Adult ED Building Orientation - Physicians, Abuse Free Environments for LTC Residents (December 2019), Insulin Management in Long Term Care (November 2019), Insulin Pens - Management and Use in Long Term Care Homes (May 2019), LTC Behavioural Support & Seniors' Mental Health Team (2018), Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale & Skin Assessment Tool (January 2018), Program Guidelines for Special-care Homes (2016), Quarterly Multidisciplinary Medication Review (2018), Resuscitation Policy and Serious Illness-Sudden Collapse (SI-SC) Plan, Warfarin Management in Long Term Care (May 2019), Client Representative Services for Managers, Infection Prevention and Control for New Managers, Level 1 Low Risk Delivery/Postpartum Orientation, Transcutaneous Bilirubin Meter Review 2019, Client Directed Outcome Informed Practice, MHAS training required within first 6 months of employement, 5B Surgery LPN & RN 2020 Digital Education Day, Administration of IV Push medications 2020, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) Instillation For Bladder Cancer, Blood Transfusion & Adverse Transfusion Reaction Review2020, Cardiac Monitoring - ECG Monitoring & Rhythm Interpretation 2020, Compression Garment Systems (CircAid - Juxta garments) 2020, Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Adult Order Sets, Doppler Assessment (ABPI-TBPI) for Compression Therapy (Initiating a Plan of Care) 2020, Immunization Learning Module - LPN Additional Competency, Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) Module, Pump: Smart Pump 360 Recertification 2020, RUH General Internal Medicine - Clinical Teaching Unit 6200 & CTU on 5th, Safe Administraton of Dilaudid & Morphine 2019, Safe Administraton of Dilaudid & Morphine 2020, Saskatchewan Transfusion Adverse Event Report Form 2020, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 2015, Workplace Assessment Violence Education (W.A.V.E.) This Medication Assistance Module has been prepared for the Ministry of Health, Government of Saskatchewan for use by operators and employees of Personal Care Homes in Saskatchewan. Support for learner placements are now available. Mental Health & Addiction Services. Recruitment. E-Learning System Login below using your employee id and password. The determination of what constitutes safe, legal or appropriate practice depends upon the facts specific to each individual who is receiving medication. Welcome to Saskatoon Health Regions's E-Learning website. Read more. may take The Medication Assistance Module as many times as required in order to know at least 95% of the information; may take as long as they need to in order to complete the course; must complete and read course material without the assistance of another person; and.

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