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hokkaido hidaka milk products

They have a very short lifespan and need to be refrigerated. From local food to cute souvenirs, here's a list of must-buy items for your shopping haul in Hokkkaido. Website:, Nicely wrapped chocolates by LeTao. ... Hokkaido Hidaka Milk. Salty potato chips + sweet chocolate taste melt together in your mouth! Kaisen-don/Donburi Japanese customer service really has top notch quality. Add to Cart This product is currently sold out. Website: Sigh. Rokkatei (六花亭) is one of the most popular sweets house in Hokkaido (北海道), the north land. And inside they also provide cooling gel pack to ensure the chocos won’t melt! Yotsuba Milk Products Co., Ltd. is a company established by dairy farmers in Hokkaido. products. There are different crab dishes that can be enjoyed, but many Japanese people enjoy crab in hotpots, over rice, dipped in vinegar and soy sauce, or just plain! Sapporo is known for their miso ramen and Hakodate for their shio(salt) ramen. A little bit of the sour taste of the strawberry served with the sweet chocolate is a perfect match. They’re pretty brilliant. Price: JPY135 (~RM4 / SGD1.5) tanesei trading Website: There are even more nicer designs la. Price: JPY 4,950 (RM157 / SGD58), Where to get: Daimaru A collaborative, free and open database of food products from around the world. Facebook and Probably you should consider buying the limited one like Blueberry cheesecake flavour. 7 Best Spanish Experiences To Bookmark For Your Next Trip, 10 Best Cafés in Cebu for Your Next Coffee Crawl, Singapore-Hong Kong Air Travel Bubble to Start on 22 November: Here’s What You Need to Know, 25 Nightlife Businesses in Singapore to Reopen Under Pilot Scheme, Australia May Open Its Borders to Asia Soon, Hidden Gems of Ayutthaya You Need to Visit. Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido You can support our work by donating to Open Food Facts and also by using the Lilo search engine.Thank you! El Nido or The Phi Phi Islands? Meats, carrots, and other various vegetables are found in it, creating a hearty and delicious soup perfect for the cold months in Hokkaido. Essentially it is just like curry but into a more liquid like consistency that resembles soup more so than a thick stewed curry. Although that is in truth what they are best known for, there are other specific dishes in addition to seafood and dairy that are local to Hokkaido that are definitely worth trying. The white chocolate kind of looks like cheese. There are also some popular dairy product dishes in Hokkaido including cheese dishes and soft-serve ice cream. I think the White, stands for white chocolate. Hide the banner. The chocolate inside is always soft, smooth, and just melts in your mouth. There are three types of crabs that Hokkaido is known for; the king crab, snow crab, and hairy crab. Because of their expansive land area, it is possible for Hokkaido to have large dairy farms. The quality of the seafood often is what makes this dish. Open Food Facts is made by a non-profit association, independent from the industry. Yes, I used that excuse. Brand: Hokkaido-hikada-milk-products. Because of their expansive land area, it is possible for Hokkaido to have large dairy farms. There is a combination of different seafoods topped like ikura(salmon roe), ika(squid), uni(sea urchin), and hotate(scallops). Where to get: You can get it from souvenir/convenience shop at the ground floor of Lake Toya Hotel. One detail that I like about Snaffles is that they come in small little rounds. I’ve been calling them the White Lover Cookies. The lucky Japanese cat! Usually, this dish is eaten with soy sauce poured over top, and there are many that recommend eating this in the morning at Nijo Fish Market for breakfast. We’re here to get this supposedly very good Horse Oil, which is excellent for moisturizing your skin. marketing solutions across multiple channels. The thin crispy cookies have a strong vanilla flavour. Where to buy: From Apple group. using 70% of hokkaido produced milk. In Hokkaido, it is pretty easy to find and try them as there are restaurants that serve them including an all-you-can-eat crab restaurant. Find calories, carbs, and nutritional contents for hokkaido hidaka-milk-products and over 2,000,000 other foods at Explore the world through hisgo powered by H.I.S. (Note: I suggest you keep the cooling gel pack in the fridge and don’t throw it. There are also butter cookies that are a local classic including marusei, that features a creamy butter and raisin filling sandwiched between two butter cookies. Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido. White choco ball with strawberry inside. They even give free 2 red bean buns! 8 Cabin Retreats in South Korea for a Cosy Getaway, Your Guide to The Meteor Showers Happening This November 2020. join us. Also read: 20 Delicious Japanese Ice Creams and Popsicles You Must Try. They produce much of Japan's dairy products, and are known for it. Explore Hong Kong Through the 360° Virtual Reality Tour! Eating the crab miso that is found towards the head of the crab is also considered a delicacy, and some make soups with it as well. They have a variety of different flavors of soft-serve that you can get around Hokkaido, but to truly appreciate Hokkaido dairy, it is recommended you try the original vanilla soft serve first. Dairy products are specialities of the region and sweets with cream, butter from Hokkaido must be good quality ones. The Japanese seaweed which is high in iron, calcium and food grade fibre. Also read: 16 Things Japan Does Better Than Your Country. Each little piece is around two bite sizes and perfect for those who want a taste, but don’t want to over eat. Linda is a Hello Kitty fan who loves the colour pink. [Bottom] Uji/Sakura Kitkat – JPY1,575 (~RM50 / SGD19 each) Okay, that’s all for my shopping haul in the whole trip! Middle: Green Tea chocolate. If delicious fruit is something that strikes your fancy, a popular thing to try in Hokkaido are the melon soft serves. hokkaido hidaka-milk-products nutrition facts and nutritional information. faq. Great World City Business Hours 10:00AM~10:00PM 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #B2-111 to 121 Great World City, Singapore 237994 Tel (65) 6771 1111 / Fax (65) 6235 4079 Hopefully, this post will be able to help travellers prepare their budget for souvenirs and must try foodies in Hokkaido. Join us on Slack: Price: JPY135 (~RM4 / … Where to get: Got it at one of the souvenir/food shop in Rusutsu. Jingisukan "Genghis Khan" is another dish popular is Hokkaido. Hokkaido is also well-known for its delicious and high-quality dairy products. Update: Jump over to our fresh article on snacks to buy from Hokkaido! Available in white or black chocolate ball, with strawberry inside. Estimated price: Where to buy: From Apple group. Gold award tiramisu, wrapped by almond flavoured chocolate. In other prefectures in Japan, you will find that Hokkaido’s dairy products … Places that serve this dish are relatively common in Hokkaido, namely Sapporo. Cheese, yoghurt and ice cream are another specialty of Hokkaido. Price: JPY1,000 / SGD11 (200g/pack) The most famous being their melons, namely Yubari King Melon. It essentially is a barbecue dish that includes mutton and  vegetables grilled over a round, helmet-shaped grill. I super love Hokkaido ramen even its instant noodle. Where to buy: From Apple tour group. I have already donated or I'm not interested. Before my trip to Hokkaido, I tried to search for blogs that recommend about the must buy souvenirs, must eat or buy food in Hokkaido, but I rarely can find one that really explains all. Dairy products are specialities of the region and sweets with cream, butter from Hokkaido must be good quality ones. Estimated price: JPY189 (~RM6 / SGD2) Press | Send us your Press Releases & Media Invites. Price: JPY1,000 / SGD11 (for 100 pack) Advertise | Cut through the noise with integrated As you can see in the photo, it’s a thin butter cookie with soft white chocolate in between and it melts in your mouth like clouds. Follow us on Twitter, Some of the main, most popular types of ramen come from Hokkaido. It is your best companion when enjoying a drink. Vloggers Make World’s Worst Airbnb & People Want to Book It! Kani, or crab is another seafood item that Hokkaido is especially known for. Code of conduct Horse Oil is famous in Hokkaido (maybe even the whole of Japan), and this one is ONLY available here. content enquiries. You can use it to cool your forehead when you have fever. If you are in Tokyo, it’s available at the Tokyo International Airport. ... We are working hard to bring to everyone a new milk product. The ingredients in the soup vary, but are sometimes similar or the same to what is found in regular Japanese curry. Literally. ... sc-941 hokkaido hidaka nyugyo strawberry milk: code sc-941: weight 200ml. Super love the miso taste one especially and the noodle is like our wantan mee. Products from the Hokkaido-hikada-milk-products brand. Estimated price: JPY945 (~RM30 / SGD11) A specific dish that is popular in Hokkaido is soup curry. Kaisen-don simply consists of a bowl of rice and various seafood topped over the rice. Subscribe Contact +65 6264 6462 Price: JPY1,500 / SGD17 (150g/pkg) There are many unique things to buy in Hokkaido. Inside the box. Some of their melons even reach a luxury level, where people pay top dollar for one of these cantaloupe crossbreeds. We hope this list didn't make you too hungry! Where to get: Most of the souvenir shops in Hokkaido Price: JPY 1,050 (RM33 / SGD12), Where to get: Rera Chitose Outlet Mall Instagram. Hokkaido is famous around Japan for their ramen. These cookies are really yummy. Often times, when people think of food in Hokkaido, fresh seafood and dairy products come to mind. No doubt, Hokkaido is one of the places in Japan that's known for their food. A collaborative, free and open database of food products from around the world. Here's a food guide to help you decide what you should try when in Hokkaido. Thinking of what souvenir you can get in Hokkaido for your friends or family members? Singapore’s Phase Three of Reopening: What You Need to Know. Editorial | Contribute your travel stories or submit ), On Left: LeTao white rare chocolate. We are able to ensure the delivery of safe, You can find Uji Kitkat and Strawberry Kitkat easily now in KL dee. I love the one bottom right. Right: Milk Chocolate, Estimated price: JPY840 (~RM27 / SGD10) for white rare chocolate, JPY630 (~RM20 / SGD7) for Milk/Green Tea Chocholate Two flavours are available, the original and fromage blanc (cheese) but I personally prefer the latter. Hokkaido is also a big producer of certain produce. Or you can get the Royce choco bar as it’s easier to carry and give as souvenir for people. It also lets you have a bit of each flavour without feeling overly guilty. She hopes to achieve financial freedom early to spend more time travelling around the world and she writes to share her travel tips, memories and experiences. 1 product : 北海道3.6牛乳 - 北海道日高 - 1000 mL; Open Food Facts. argh! Where to get: You can get it from the Hokkaido airport. Every day, we provide consumers with milk and dairy products made using high-quality raw milk* in Hokkaido's magnificent natural environment. The sweet and mellow dessert combines the best of Hokkaido with the melons and the dairy. Hokkaido is known for their fresh seafood, and like much of Japan, there are many sushi restaurants. There are plenty of ramen restaurants in Hokkaido that make trying Hokkaido ramen easily accessible, and a must try for noodle lovers. Where to get: Rera Chitose Outlet Mall Snaffles’s cheesecakes are light as a feather. Where to get: Otaru Handicraft Street. Below are some of my recommendations: Japanese lady umbrella. It is irresistible. Crrrunch! Oh, if you get a box of Snaffles be sure to open it right away and eat it. Sign up with your email to be updated. Website:, Clockwise: Strawberry kitkat, blueberry cheesecake kitkat, Uji matcha kitkat, sakura kitkat.

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