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how to make almond milk

Hi! Delicious, thanks for the inspiration! Making your own is SO much tastier and healthier. terrific website – thanks a million for all these goodies!

This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Good luck! Simply lay a clean dish towel over … I used dates and a bit of vanilla essence. Thanks so much for this recipe!! We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Instructions. For comparison, if making almond milk from whole almonds, you have the choice of sitting there popping off all those skins one at a time to get really white milk, or leaving the skins on and getting a more “ecru”-colored milk with brown flecks in it.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Cynthia. I even used it in a batch of overnight oats for a potluck and people wondered what I’d done to make them so good; I must admit I used a half a teaspoon of maple syrup in the mix (1/2 c old fashioned oats, 1/2 c this vanilla oat milk, 1/2 tsp maple syrup, mix it up in a jar, refrigerate overnight, and serve with mixed fruit), but it was the milk that make it so yummy. no suggar added organic gluten free etc? (if you think about it, water won’t ever froth) Try making it stronger. Let us know if you try it! Use the milk in smoothies, on oatmeal, or as a refreshing drink.

They sell hand held wee battery operated whisks that are specially designed for frothing up milk. Wow, really pleased with how it turned out. I love all your recipes and I am a vegan so your website has definitely saved me more then a few times in the cooking department, xo a big fan.

i will try the frig method this weekend when i make another If it becomes sour before then, make sure to fully sterilize your equipment before use by running it through the dishwasher or pouring boiling water in your jars (make sure the jars aren’t too cold when you do this or they may crack).

Sweeten as needed with dates. Tofu, which seems like it’s fermented, actually isn’t, so according to all I’ve read, it should be avoided or at least minimized. Recipes with these almond pulp? Ooh, that mango lassi sounds incredible!

Skinning the almonds seems to make little to no difference in the milk, but my almond meal is a nice, pure white color which might be better for baking/using later.

Here are some of the ways you can use the pulp. Your recipes have everything I am looking for and not everything in them. I have found that the taste of plain almond milk has a bit of an “edge” to it, but by adding a tiny pinch of Celtic salt and a little bit of coconut water “smooths out” the flavor.

Yay! Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Noelle! It’s been really hot.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. That’s a great idea, I’m going to try that next batch. I love mine. Holy cow! You will find a ton. Where would I find a bottle like this? Added flavor. When you make almond milk at home, you can choose how much sweetener to add and what kind of sweetener to use. It is….I tried it in my grain cereal this morning…just a tablespoon or two for this first experiment. Haven’t tried this but have made nut “milks” in the past. I love this recipe! Thanks for the lovely review! 7hours? I omitted sweetener, added a splash of vanilla, and put the sea salt and vanilla in at the beginning so I didn't have to clean my blender twice. Quick question though, do you suggest a certain type of almonds for best results?

Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Then I weighed the almond meal left in the nut milk bag. Dana,


Thank you. I only added cinnamon and vanilla, as I usually put stevia in my coffee, but want to use this for other purposes, as well.

This is fantastic! Tag @thetastytip on Instagram and hashtag it #thetastytip. After I’ve strained my milk I put it back in the vitamix and blend for a few seconds for a super frothy drink. Recipe from Good Food magazine, March 2019, New! I used a cup for my post workout smoothie and it was sooooooooo delicious! Buy spring or distilled if your tap water isn’t the best. Step 3 I wondered if the nutritional analysis provided is for your exact recipe (I.e. Cups come in all shapes & sizes So please what is a cup measurement in ounces ( yep from old school) please. Well, I use 1 cup almonds for ~5 cups water. Thank you, Hi Chloe, a high power blender will definitely make things easier but your regular blender should work! Discard the pulp or save for another use. Thank you for that wannabeV! And the pulp was so smooth, I just threw it in the Dahl I was making for dinner, it was so good! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? What do you do with the left over grounds?

cookies. Also, I only used 3 cups of filtered water (from my fridge dispenser). This is a great way to journey into zero waste as well. Hi Michaela, you can run everything through a dishwasher or pour boiling water over your equipment. I give the pulp to my dog- they all LOVE it! the pulp could also be used in compost or worm farms. Do we put in the freezer or fridge or dry it in the oven first? I think it would be even better if I had left the powdered vanilla out or used another form :-). Thanks for your input! However, I would suggest using liquid pure vanilla or vanilla bean instead of powdered vanilla.

For strawberry, add 1 cup ripe strawberries, blend and strain per usual. Creamy and flavorful, with a smooth consistency. The homemade pantry or staple items I make every week MUST be quick and easy. Yum! Oh, you don’t boil them.

The almonds do after soaking.. do I need special water? I did not have a nut milk bag so I looked up alternate things I could use. I have had it for years and anticipate owning it forever. How do you put keep your almond milk from separating. Thank you so much. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Eva! Hope that helps! Some fiber, calories, and other nutrients will be lost in the process, but we don’t know the specifics. I’m wondering if I could drink this now as a probiotic sort of drink or use it in recipes as ‘buttermilk’, or is this what you mean as spoiled? Thanks! I literally go 1 C of almonds to 2 Cs of water. I can’t believe I haven’t been doing this for years! can I make this using ground almonds? Peace,

Do we need to heat the milk after straining to kill the bacteria? I’m so tired of buying stuff with added crap that I’ve been searching for ways to make my own. Although most of the rich taste is in the milk, the leftover almond pulp is rich in protein and fiber. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Easy to do, and tastes great. Hi Ariella, store-bought milk typically has flavoring added to make it taste like almonds. Remember that almond and many other nut milks naturally separate – this is nothing to worry about, just give them a good shake before you use them. Anyhow, I decided to make my own almond milk, and after coming across your recipe I made it in my Vitamix. It should last about 5 days after removing from the fridge.

Thank you! I put the leftover grounds in morning cooked cereal or any apple baked dish. For banana, add half a ripe banana, blend and strain per usual. And then dates to half Glad you’re enjoying it! I then pulsed the pulp in a food processor to make almond meal (I could have blended longer for almond flour). We’d recommend these guides: and Just wondering how you approximately worked out the nutritional value? We like to get them from the bulk section at health food stores!

What things can I make with the left over almond pulp, Find lots of ideas here:, OMG With Love, and add sweetener and salt to taste if you want to. I loved putting some into my coffee in the morning and the consistency is so lovely.

I made this and yes, it’s perfect for my taste!

Using a Vitamix, on high for 1-2 min, the almonds completely blend into the water!! Making almond milk by yourself instead of buying an expensive one. Thanks!! Hello Dana, I haven’t try the recipe yet but it sounds amazing. I have thought the same thing Kathy about the calcium intake. We are glad you enjoyed the recipe, Mellow!

If you try this recipe, let us know! !……, I didn’t see this recipe until I got your cookbook (best day ever) and I’m so happy with it! Will keep for up to 4-5 days, though best when fresh. Also what does the soaking almonds do? I looked for a recipe and came upon yours, so I made it. This makes it easier to blend them. If you want to use this recipe and techniques, please take your own photos, write your own description, and link back to this page. I have also added vanilla extract in the first step and let the almonds soak it up overnight, that also turned out very good. Pour the mixture into a muslin-lined sieve over a jug and allow it to drip through. I’ve been making my own almond milk for six months now. I just use regular almonds. I noticed in someone’s comments that their almond milk went sour and you said it sounds like the blender, strainer or bottle milk went into was not sterilized? I tasted it and it tasted good because I like almonds. I compared a few recipes for almond milk and chose yours! My hubby has thyroid issues. Can I use a regular blender or food processor, or do I need a high power blender? I’m planning on using almond milk for my overnight oats/oatmeal so I was wondering if this step can be skipped? I feel fortunate to have found your almond milk recipe.

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