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indie duochrome eyeshadow

Every item is made to order and each order comes with a sample and lollipop. Alisha Adkins (author) from New Orleans on October 07, 2016: I just saw your comment about Brazen Cosmetics. ColourPop drops new products and shades with a frequency that nobody else can touch, but they don't sacrifice quality for quantity. I love how the names pay homage to the Lonestar State. In this video, Youtuber Abby Williamson gives a very in-depth explanation of this process. Note: just because an indie brands is sold at Ulta or Sephora, doesn’t mean the brand automatically stops from being independently owned. Check out my post “Where Pro Makeup Artists Buy Makeup In LA” here.

MFMG is black-owned. The beauty world is overrun with palettes so it's hard to get excited about any of them, but these little guys sport two base shades and six smaller pans in concisely curated color families to give you a soft day look or a full dramatic smoky eye. I guess there's not much to say about Smashbox shadows apart from the fact that they're awesome. You can refine the results by clicking "Refine Results" from aspects about the product (like finish, availability, price, and more) or to get recommendations made by someone similar to you (like skin type, skin tone, undertone, and more).

Feel free to sign up for our e-newsletter below to receive the information on when we will return. Syzygy is an indie cosmetic company that actually specializes in making duochrome eyeshadows, lip … From them, you can expect the unusually colored lipsticks and vibrant eyeshadows that big-name brands tend to shy away from.

Multiple factors. -- are grouped into collections based around themes and fandoms such as Harry Potter and The Hobbit. The mattes are vibrant, the shimmers sport a ton of sparkle, they're all hyper-pigmented, and blend like butter.

Her unapologetic approach to makeup by using intensely hued colors has gained cult status in the indie world and among drag makeup brands. I've heard of some of these brands but their are soooo many that I am unfamiliar with! The singles aren’t exactly cheap, but the pan is big and you get a lot of product. Coloured Raine is another indie beauty brand to keep a close eye on. Before going ham on your shopping cart, watch the swatches on Instagram and look them up on Youtube.

This is great for people with fair skin who want a flattering contour color, people with deeper skin tones who want to have a range of blush options to pick from, and of course, they have a whole slew of eyeshadows, which is great for all of us.

Recommended eyeshadow: Martian. Despite being a new indie brand, they have gained a loyal following among the indie makeup enthusiasts in a short amount of time.

Now I need it in real life?? You can also see the impressive number of celebrities that have fallen head over heels for this indie brand. Don’t forget to tag her in your stories!

They've got it all, from velvety mattes, to color-shifting duochromes.

The miraculous color payoff without having to apply glue. Most products are available for purchase in sample sizes. If you sign up for the company's e-mails, you'll be alerted to regular sales on the website. Another brand I had no idea existed.

I recently came across a new company:! I love ColourPop's pressed eyeshadows and pigments for the pigmentation, the application, the finishes, and the price. MFMG’s glitter formula isn’t chunky and there is zero fallout!

I had to find out what on earth she was wearing on her eyelids. Many companies often include swag—in other words, freebies. Chaos Makeup is currently looking for ways to reach more people without compromising the quality. Here's a rundown, in alphabetical order, of the indie makeup brands I've tried so far. Most of the links to non etsy sites don't work. Highlight, right-click, and "go to" if you wish to visit any of the sites (sorry for the inconvenience -- Google penalizes articles with lots of active commercial links). Most single eyeshadows are under the $11 price tag.

Their products are strikingly similar to a lot of their best sellers, with a lower price point, and a lot of time, a wider shade range. It’s truly mind-blowing how times have changed. The pigmentation of their shimmer eyeshadows is insane.

A self-described "aging goth," she has a strong interest in creative makeup. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. Since Lemonhead was created in LA, it goes without saying that they have a large loyal celebrity and influencer following — Beyonce and Priyanka Chopra are only a few! Her descriptions are so thorough and she’s so eloquent in her reviews and swatches. The packaging feels like I’m holding a makeup product from the 90’s.

The fact that the brand focuses on inclusivity and diversity by giving aspiring makeup artists a chance to collaborate on their palette releases, make Midas a one-of-a-kind brand in the indie makeup sphere. Furthermore, since indie brands are small operations, it can take a month to deliver a single eyeshadow and the returns are extremely limited, almost non-existent.

The majority of indie brands are developed in the US, which is a first-world country, which means higher wages. LA Splash's liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented and long-lasting and are available in a huge variety of shades. Be aware that pigmentation does seem to vary from batch to batch.

Metallic shadow is a metal color, usually one tone, [such as] gold or silver. Unfortunately, except for Pat McGrath, I never really reached for my other palettes to achieve this effect. Indie companies tend to change sites fairly frequently. This indie makeup company was created by two women with a vision for high quality, unusually colored lipsticks.

It’s not your typical gold as it has olive green in it. Lemonhead prides themselves on making bio-degradable glitter. It’s no wonder this brand has taken the beauty world by storm with Youtube make gurus as the only form of promotion. As I was covering my arm with swatches, two girls happily came up next to me and raved about their about the lip liner: “Oh my God this is the best lip liner in the entire world”, she said enthusiastically as if it was the apocalypse and it was last lip liner in the world. A handmade vegan and cruelty-free Canadian cosmetic company. I had never seen eyeshadows so pigmented and sparkly before.

If you go on the website and there’s one eyeshadow that catches your eye, get it! Little did I know, there’s a whole world of indie brands that specialize in glitter eyeshadows and stunning multi-chromes that will make anyone do a double-take. The colors are quite vibrant, but unfortunately, once removed from refrigeration, the lipsticks returned to a semi-soft state. You can expect far more individualized service, with personalized touches such as handwritten notes on packing invoices. Eyeshadow colors are kept in VAC trays, to let you check the formulas and colors. "Duochrome is different from metallic.

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