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is lego mr gold real gold

Running my fingers over the face reveals a small ridge/sticker. I’m going to look for mr gold today I’m not paying 400 pounds plus it only costs people £2 so why are they selling them for more than £2. we have three months before series 11 is out (so we still have plenty of time), most stores have only had there first shipment im sure there will be more providing the stores sell them well enough to buy more stock.We can only hope that if we find it, it will be a treasured item even more so when all have been found and most go on eBay where the value will drop due to everyone's greed taking over and they sell for below £100 which it will. Die Legende besagt, dass Mister Gold jedem, der ihn zu Gesicht bekommt, Glück bringt... vielleicht muss man aber auch ein besonderer Glückspilz sein, um ihm überhaupt zu begegnen. Hi everyone I live in the uk. and the person I got it from did a lot of minifigure "rebuilding.". The silver ones are a nicer idea and much more sensible in my view. My son and I just found one tonight in a local Hub Hobby. Is the UK's recovery really lagging other countries? I don't even know what Mr. Gold, is it real gold? Jewellery is generally a gift, not sure this is.. My earlier theory (the number) is wrong because all of the Series 10 packets have the same number. The feel method is most reliable anyway. @lego613masterI'll announce pricing on the bronze as we get closer to the goal - you can follow the kickstarter progress or even help it along if you like! As mentioned, the dots vary based on the batch so this breaking news is nothing to get excited about. I’ll update this post a few times each week with up-to-date data on how many Mr. Golds have been found and sold online, how much they’ve been sold for, and what the most expensive LEGO Mr. Gold minifigure ever sold for…. Just opened an end cap shipper of 140 packs. I like to collect them but not at insane prices. I don't want to sound harsh, as the silver stuff is great and to be honest I would consider buying one in a cheaper base metal. Have to add that the Mr Gold I had the chance to look at has a totally different code, too. So Lego thinks they have found the chicken with golden eggs but in fact they are throwing their own windows. As to the gold metalfig, I'm estimating 38g of 14kt gold, and offering your choice of yellow, white, rose, or green gold. Very good for you. @ Kinetic curiosities yes that and the lego group isn't as mean as you think they found out my friend was making lego iron-man stickers and you think they'd say quit it now or we'll sue! Disney gains 74m subscribers in a silver lining for Covid-hit giant, Taxpayer-backed NatWest eyes takeover of Sainsbury's Bank, Markets report: Defence review hope fires up QinetiQ, ‘Operation Chris Rea’: National Express to drive students home for Christmas, SFO recover £1.2 million from luxury flat owner in oil bribe scandal exposed by UK whistleblower, Sunak drops stimulus hint as economic recovery fades, FTSE falls as eight-day rally loses steam, New Asda owners sell stake in forecourts empire, B&M founder defends £44m payout to his family trust, Immigrants behind a quarter of German start-ups, new study finds, WH Smith to close 25 stores in wake of £280m loss. but we don't want that, what we want is the fun we just want to find it and say "i found it" rather than "well lets look on eBay".I think those who want it will get it, im sure i will find it my odds have risen to 80% after feeling 21 unopened boxes. The collectors can also screw Lego. Thanks for the interest!JonathanP.S. Help with Real vs Fake Mr. Gold. I agree, I went to walmart and all the packs that were there were beat up from people feeling them, I have 3 kids and 3 sets up to series 9, I wont even be able to complete 1 set, could have been 1 per box, would have increased box sales ,at least I could buy a box and get 1, have to rethink collecting 3 sets in case they come up with another boner move. So I don’t find it very childish at all I find it a very healthy way to think like that. I know you are paying for design and stylising, but I would rather buy 3ozs of gold and put away for my daughter. The real Mr Gold is the one in the Lego group that proposed this idea ^^ By timelash in United Kingdom, 09 May 2013 12:09. !I find that shocking, and very naughty, even I felt like I was cheating a bit by having a fondle, but that's just unfair for two cents.Also, new Southampton news - my wife was able to confirm (who works in west Quay) that TLG had planned to be in west Quay for approx. Kreativität Either Lego produces or someone under the license of Lego, no other possibilities. Well, I think LEGO is trying to throw us off with the dot codes specifically for this series, to make Goldy harder to find (but seriously, most of us have fingers that work to feel, anyway), and so multiple minifigures may have the same dot code. Each of them are individually numbered, and those lucky people who find them can enter the unique code found in Mr. Gold’s packet on LEGO’s website (see map here). Based on that, around 65,000 boxes. I did look at Shapeways and since you have to do each piece separately it would cost $375 for the glossy, but still imperfect surface quality, or $480 for their limited premium version. Sure it isn't a gold keychain customized? I can't quite see the code in that image. The most expensive Lego sets in the world. Oubliez Mr Gold, voici une minifig encore plus rare... Will | 14/02/2017 - 19:22 News. All. And all the angles have to be perfect, and the arms/legs have to be snapped on, so yes, just the manufacturing alone slaps a good couple hundred dollars (maybe, I don't know) on this one. I had a look at my Series 10 Medusa's dot code and it looks different to the one on here (only two dots, not three). So i don’t think i will ever get Mr. gold and it’s really sad because i have spend a lot of time in this collection, i even have the olympics series, and there have only found 5 Mr. gold’s in my country and i think those are the only we will have here. Not a real Mr. Gold unfortunately. Mister Gold I want to see if there's discrepancy between them, and therefore unreliable. @Anomaly24The breakdown in each box of 60 is:2 Medusas2 Bumblebee Girls2 Paris Hiltons2 Sea Captains2 Grandpas2 Librarians4 Decorators4 Revolutionary Soldiers4 Mohicans4 Amazons4 Paintballers4 Pierrots6 Baseball Players6 Centurions6 Biker Mechanics6 ParachutistsI don't know if Mr Golds bring the box count up to 61 or if they replace one of the others. Bs all they have to open the box and feel a bag inside a bag and its theirs. please help! Thanks for posting HUW. I watched a few videos and read about how to tell the real Mr. Gold from the fake. Free Shipping by Amazon. It is stillavailable on Mr. Gold has white hands in the pictures yours seem a bronzey color, I think they might be swapped or even sun damaged.... the lot was 150 lbs. @Goldfish-Well, yes, you could probably buy a solid gold ingot, but this one is molded. Don’t give up hope. If I'm going to find a Mr gold it will be the feel method. Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Just went to shops to feel through some Series 10 (in New Zealand's official LEGO distributor - we don't have brand stores) for a while and found everything but Mr. Gold. The way I did it was look for his hat!! So, I have been reading all these comments, and I am just getting upset that so many people are selling these Mr. Gold minifigures for such a high price. I personally don't care if I get Mr. Gold. LEGO Mr. Gold Minifigure Update: Still Selling For $500+ But Why? Why didnt anyone get so crazy about toy fair exclusives? This was my point, 38g of 14k gold is around 22g of fine gold, yet the price equates to 93g at today's bullion price. I need a tip bybtommorow morning before 9:00AAm: Should i get 10 packs that feel like mr gold or The Mutation Chamber Unleashed from tmnt? Figmes! They cannot just produce something that is an actual Lego minfig and sell it, as it's copyrighted. The Venom Symbiote Polybag Set! Die Minifigur hat folgende Fähigkeiten: Also, the dot code could be matched to nearly one of every figure. I'm only making one of those though. If I was working in TLG marketing department and saw all this interest on the web I would be rubbing my hands in glee and planning the next one! We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. :P @quackyducks - you're absolutely correct, it's getting too much attention with all these articles, but going by all the comments it's getting, it's still a big hot topic for discussion. 12. It was clear that it had been looked through already, but not the extent that I was about to discover. But as the word gets out it’ll be even harder. The parts of Mr. Gold that have the shiny finish (hat, head, torso, legs, handle & stick) weigh in at a total of 3.9 grams. Today that was proven!I found a Mr. Gold at the LEGO store at the Mall of America!!! So for any price over USD185 that figure is literally worth more than its weight in gold. The feel method has been working for me ever since Series 2. As you may be able to tell, the Mr. Gold minifigure is a pretty big deal! He stored them in front of a huge bay window. Nice idear, but doesn't work.The dots can't be seen when in shops (to little light).And when one is flattened, you will pick the wrong minifigure.So, nice thought, but no help in finding one.AND for the ones above, be happy you HAVE one (or can offort one), because I and probably many others won't even get one (or even see one in real life). He was given the nickname ”The Crocodile” by Hook after he took his hand, for stealing Milah away from him. stores just in the US alone, and multiply it by the quantity of boxes that people are reporting finding at these sites, I think these are far more rare than that. I just feel sorry for those who do collect every minifigure and/or have, especially the kids. When you add the number of Wal Mart, Target, Fred Meyer, Toys R Us, etc. Question. I have also 3 complete series up to series 9. THIS CODE BELONGS TO THE ROMAN SOLDIER! How Much Would *YOU* Pay For the Mr. Gold Minifigure? EDIT: Thanks for the input everyone... Its the Gold Keychain with some printing/decals. Please log in to post comments on this article. I mean, I mostly collect the ones I really like and buy a packet or two every week(if I’m lucky since I’m only 11, and yes, I am quite childish) so it doesn’t really matter to me if I get it or not, though I would be really happy if I got it. Si vous avez déjà accumulé toutes les minifigs indispensables à votre collection et que vous cherchez maintenant à obtenir quelques raretés pour être certain d'avoir "tout" rassemblé, voici de quoi vous occuper. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. This might be a modded keychain. 5. Help with Real vs Fake Mr. Gold. Pure gold bars will be a much smarter investment, but I put the gold metalfig option out there to grab people's attention as a new way to "play" with your money. Needless to say, no Mr Gold. As this minifigure is selling for ludicrous amounts of money and has unheard of hype surrounding it, I’ve decided to track the progress of the Mister Gold minifigures being sold online. 4.2 cm Could anyone with Mr. Gold's packet post the code? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But I guess laying them all out backwards and searching for the dot code would be a good idea...hmm, maybe I will do that after all.Thanks for posting. I know I would! Yes, I’ve been on the hunt for the infamous Mr.Gold. Can anyone help me out on whether this guy is real or not? Close. It's just a lego figure! earlier today, i was at the lego store and one of the employees said 1 out of 13 boxes has mr. gold. 12. (Gold Besuche die Produktseite des Artikels). ^my thoughts exactly, would rather have the original lego mr. gold, if i could even get hold of one. If an employee at the LEGO store really knew that information, they most likely would be prohibited from sharing it under NDA. Has anyone tried feeling for the plastic? It's because you can get it from a pack that costs (2/3, I have no idea because I don't like CMFs) dollars?

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