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kfc mashed potatoes ingredients

Add the butter and milk and keep mashing until you get a paste. As we said earlier, use less butter if trying to be health conscious. Season with salt if using unsalted butter. About 3 cups of water should do for this recipe, but you can add a little more for a thinner gravy and a little less for a thicker one. Add the crumbled beef stock cubes into the butter and oil mixture. Never stop stirring. If anything looks like it's starting to brown, turn the heat lower. If you want to read similar articles to KFC Mashed Potatoes and Gravy Recipe, we recommend you visit our Recipes category. You'll still get delicious mashed potato, it just won't be as buttery as these ones. Wash and peel the potatoes. How to Make Instant Mashed Potatoes Better, How To Make Nacho Cheese Sauce From Scratch, How to Make Cheese at Home Without Rennet, Others appetizers and recipes for appetizers, What Is the Difference Between Plain and All Purpose Flour, How to Know if Brussels Sprouts Have Gone bad, How to Tell if Mushrooms are Still Good to Eat, 2 Easy Ways to Fry an Egg Without Oil or Butter. KFC mashed potatoes are the Colonel’s famous mashed potatoes served up hot and buttery and covered with our signature gravy. And of course, what's best to go with it than those deliciously whipped mashed potatoes. Season with the oregano, onion powder and pepper. If you want KFC style chicken as well, take a look a these recipes for Chicken burgers and a classic Chicken and vegetable stew. If anything looks like it's starting … When the potatoes are cooked, drain and mash with a potato masher. These are not a healthy way to eat potatoes, but they are delicious. Cut into chunks and place into a saucepan. Add the olive oil, but remember you can use vegetable oil if olive is unavailable. Don't place cold potatoes into boiling water as this will make the outside cook too quickly and leave the inside chalky. It's liquid gold as far as we're concerned. These are buttery mashed potatoes with a whole pound of butter, but feel free to use less. Serve your KFC mashed potatoes with the gravy poured over the top and enjoy. KFC Mashed Potatoes with Gravy Nutrition Facts, including calories, ingredients, allergens and Weight Watchers points. As much as some brands are trying to clean up their image health wise, there's room for some delicious comfort food as long as it's eaten as part of a balanced diet. Bring to the boil and boil for about 15 - 18 minutes. When you have the flour and butter paste as combined as possible, slowly pour in water and combined as you do. Cover in water and salt. Add the crumbled beef stock cubes into the butter and oil mixture. To start the gravy, melt the butter in a pan on a low heat. If you don't continuously stir then it will burn on the bottom and ruin the gravy. We'll show you how to make both the KFC mashed potatoes as well as the KFC gravy separately. Add the flour and immediately stir or, better yet, whisk into the butter and oil. Keep reading to see the step-by-step guide to how it's done. No trip to KFC would be worth it without gravy. If you have any other KFC recipes you'd like to share with the community, please do so in the comments below. It's delicious, but it's not exactly the healthiest dish in the world. That's why oneHOWTO has this KFC mashed potatoes and gravy recipe. Skip down if you only want to know how to make the KFC gravy recipe. If you are just starting out on making a roux, it's something you will easily get used to and you'll be able to judge for yourself.

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