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lavender tea latte recipe


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Serve hot. Masa Harina


You’ll noticed I used honey as the sweetener for this recipe.

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Pour into the tea.

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I personally like the taste of honey and lavender together, which is why it’s my preferred sweetener.

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Pour tea into a cup.


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I wanted to post this recipe nearly a week ago for you but first my trackpad on my laptop stopped working and I was forced to travel to the deep dark depths of the Apple Store to get it fixed. Macadamia Nuts For some, lavender is an acquired taste, but I’ve always loved it in drinks and just about anything else I’ve tried. Fries Blueberries

Dip For some, lavender is an acquired taste, but I’ve always loved it in drinks and just about anything else I’ve tried.





Chocolate I’m a nighttime tea drinker, so this caffeine-free tea latte is the perfect evening drink to help ease the stress of the day. Nachos Hummus

Nutritional Yeast I also LOVE chai lattes, but since I use caffeinated black tea as the base, it’s more of a morning drink for me. Almonds Soup




Charcoal Thanks for sharing , All Streusel

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Blend for about 1 minute until foamy, Pour the foamed milk into the mug of tea until full, using a spoon to scoop the foam on top, Sprinkle with lavender buds or drizzle with honey.

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