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mahindra rodeo 125

Foldable Mirrors: Lifted from the Flyte, the mirrors have this uncanny knack of folding themselves ‘in’ in the event of an impact which ensures you can see your lovely face in them with a bright smile again. You can safely vouch and show your dead cellfone to your dad as Duro doesn’t come with this feature. Wanted to buy Mahindra Duro, Please help me , Should i proceed or look for some other brand. Good,Stylish look & a perfect handling. Massive Leg Room: We have ridden quite a few scooters which have so less space left for the knees but Duro comes with Indias best spaced leg room. But it is very irritating. I am Subhash from Meerut,purchased RODEO somewhere in beaning of 2010 since starting only i am suffering a lot in totality bad performance of RODEO. Cons: Faulty fuel Gauge and Speedometer, Irritating Side Stand Buzzer. I purchase duro at 15th may 2010, till 3rd july , vehicle running 1890 Km, before servicing it gives mileage of 30 only, after tuning , now it gives 40 km in nagpur city,out of city in highways ,i continuously runningabout 100 – 120 km, it gives 42 – 43 Km mileage, not bad, only drawback is ground clearance. They indulge in the sale of the equipment only as they get Rs.100/- to 200/- from the customer with the purchase of new vehicle. However, the distinguishing factor is the power curve which rises at around 2-3k rpm and becomes linear hereafter. 7. Gigantic Storage Space: When we first opened Rodeos lid, we were a little surprized at what we saw! We thought it would be more readable if we innumerate them: Front Fueling: The Rodeo comes with this feature of front fueling which saves you from the hassles of getting down for refueling. Even the load pulling power of the scooter seemed to justify its fantastic torque. Frankly speaking, Rodeo’s display looks a little childish and funny because of its smaller size and that funny color changing scheme whereas Duro’s look fantastically classy, although being analogue and has a classic touch attached to it. Duro would do similar speeds bearing the same engine but we could not test the Duro for performance. Now this is really an innovative way for the safety of your machine considering the alarmingly increasing rate of two wheeler thefts all across the country. But I am getting between 35 and 39.Duro has very low ground clearence. 5. On the other hand, Duro sports conventional all analogue console set up on white background which has a speedometer, fuel gauge, indicator lights, upper beam indicator and an odometer. Ground Clearance and mileage seem to be the most haunting points for these two scooters. Devadas. Duro however comes with the traditional under-the-seat fueling system for which you have to get off your scooter, pull the key, raise the seat, remove the knob (at the same time holding the seat up) and wait for the your turn. There was very little (almost nil) fuss at those high rpm where even super refined Hondas tend to give indications of vibrations. Mileage has never crossed 40 even after service center claiming to have tuned it 6. Unlike Mahindra Gusto, UZO 125 is offered with a fixed seat height of 780 mm. Reviews - ratings for Mahindra Rodeo Uzo 125 and Suzuki Access 125. I’m not sure what different they are doing or I’m doing, but I Love my Scooter and it just returns it back to me. The UZO 125 comes with a length of 1790 mm, width of 650 mm and a height of 1110 mm as its dimensions along with a kerb weight of 106 Kgs. Check Price in India & Buy Online. Front Boot space Thank You Just go for Suzuki access 125 the best scooter among all MNC. However, what we did not like was the illumination provided by both the scooters’ headlamps. SANJIV, Go with mahindra rodio. Buy Mahindra Bike Spare Parts Online @ M2ALL, Mahindra's Official e-Store 100% GENUINE Products FACTORY Pricing* FREE Shipping Updated Catalogue* ... Rodeo Fuel Tank . The exhaust note is also sweet and becomes punchy as and when the throttle is raised unleashing the power of this 125cc engine. 57000 to 60700 | Mileage: 45-50 kmpl | Top speed: 90 kmph The discounted rates…, Honda Nepal has come up with ‘Honda presents Happy New Wear 2018; New Year, New You’ scheme, as per a media release. Mahindra Flyte 125 vs Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125, Mahindra Duro 125 DZ vs Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125, Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125 vs Mahindra Gusto 125, Racetrack Black, Bolt Black, Victory Violet and Blazing Blue. Believe us, this was the most responsive scooter we have driven in India till date especially in the useable lower and mid range where we drive our scooters 98 percent of times. Breaks need very frequent re-fit Scooters have become one of the easiest means…, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., or Nissan, is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. Any other opotion will also help me. 8. It opens (and closes) your handle lock, turns on the ignition and also breaks open the fuel tank lid. Space below seat mileage of any scooter depends upon the first running in kilometers i.e first 1500km,during which the scooter should be driven at minimun speed of 35kmph and not exceed.during this running-in period the vehicle is prone to consume more fuel. Pickup. I’d be happy to advice/help. And with the increasing fuel prices, it is least preferable bike to purchase. Rs 200 they charged was the amount for labour charges. If there is a pillion rider then none of the humps will be spared. The Duro is a little wider and slightly more comfortable but Rodeo has a softer cushioning which helps keep that pain away. DVSR Giridhar Both the scooters look fantastic but Rodeo steals the show for us. As the space in front is not as much as what can be stored on the rear, Rodeo’s petrol tank can hold only 4.5 liters whereas Duro is generous till 6 Liters. The power delivery is by far the best in any scooter in India and distinguishably better than the Hondas of our generations! Placed higher than the Honda Activa series,…, Honda Grazia Launched with few cosmetic upgrades, Honda India launched a refreshed model of Honda Grazia for 2019 .The refreshed model of Grazia or as is with most refresh models only comes with few minor cosmetic upgrades.…, Oppo has announced price revision on its popular smartphones in Nepal for its customers. It beats all other Brands even MNC also. 4. © KTM2DAY SINCE 2008 - All Rights Reserved. I had Bought my Duro DZ on 27th January 2013 from Baroda. I bought a Mahindra Duro in October 2009. how come 7/10 for rodeo & 7.5/10 for duro, in ride/handling department, when the review says otherwise. Cab anyone advice me? Duro, on the other hand, comes equipped with traditional hydraulic front suspension and it behaves like all (similar suspension laden) other scooters, real bad! the mileage is a big support to this idea. The day I have taken the new vehicle, the petrol tank had a leak. The consumption of petrol is not yet calculated thoroughly, however I understand that fuel consumption is very high. And it rode comfortably. Riding Experience- Bad. Front suspension is the worst of its kind, even if it goes into a ditch, we can hear and feel the hard hitting sound of the suspension. But this convenience comes at a price. I want to share my experience abt the Scooty & Scooter segment.One who wants to buy any scooter or SCooty can take it under consideration and go for the best one. If some coolingment is made then this will be the best power scooter in India. Leg Space I read this review about the Rodeo lately. For all those reading, let us inform you that we are a little spoilt after having ridden Honda Dio for many days, which according to us remains the best handling scooter in India, still! i have previously purchased kintetic nova. rodeo will give access (best scoot tl nw) a good competition as it has evrythng (n evn more) to offer at a smaller price tag . 4. no need to worry.after two servicing the mileage would definitely increase. However, Rodeo is made available in more radiant colors suiting its personality – Fiery Black (second only to blue), Deep Ocean Blue (pick of the colors), Cappuccino Brown, Golden Beige, Forest Green, Majestic Maroon and Blazing Red (looks fiery). Now starts the True Reality & Ugly Face, THE DARK SIDE OF THE RODEO – The Ground Clearance is Very Low & tends to bump onto most of the road humps. Even more inspiring was the smoothness of the engine at those high rpms. Mahindra is an Indian multinational corporation that manufactures automobiles. If any of the Users want to ask any thing or Contact regarding the care of scooter, please mail me at: Mahindra RODEO - Buy All Spares Including Body Parts,Engine Parts,Shock Absorbers,Clutch Parts,Gear Parts,Carburetor Parts,Wheels,Suspension Parts for Rodeo at India's Best Online Shopping Store For Motorcycles,Bikes,Scooters & Scooty. And Trust me, there has never been a single moment so far, that I’d had to regret my Purchase! The Yamaha Fascino has already won hearts with its unique appearance…, NIU U-Series electric scooter launched in Nepali market, Eco Infinity, the authorised distributor of NIU e-scooters in the country has introduced the U series. The Rodeo draws majority of its cues from its sibling, the Flyte. This 125cc scooter can reach a top speed of 80 kmph which is good enough. The scooter won accolades from everywhere for being a fantastic product but sadly, these accolades did not transform into sales majorly because of the concerns of the future of the company and lack of sales and service support. Recently, last December 2013, I Drove my Duro along with my Wife(Plus Bagpack-25Kgs) to Darjeeling, Teesta, Gangtok. It has a ground clearance of 154 mm and a wheelbase of 1245 mm which gives you a stable ride. 3. MILEAGE = VERY MUCH LESS..still loosing from 30 to 20 kms/ltr… Broad Seats: Both the scooters come with wide comfortable seats which can accommodate four massive butts completely. March 1, 2016: Mahindra Two-Wheelers is all set to launch the 125cc scooter "Gusto" in a phased manner starting by mid-March.The company will launch the Gusto 125 in South India first followed by western and northern states. Read on…. Mahindra Rodeo UZO 125 Overview Mahindra Rodeo comes powered by a 124.6cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that generates 8bhp and 9Nm. So the side fenders tend to loosen. Ground Clearance – Very Bad Seat Assembly Longer. And as for me, Im out to buy the best scooter possible, so I have test ride the following scooters – Honda Aviator (decided not to buy it cos it jumps when u hit a road hump & patch roads), Honda Dio (somewhat ok), Honda Activa (Good) & TVS Wego (Excellent). See my comments above. The Duro comes with a closed lockable front storage box which can accommodate all what was not storable in the under seat box. 4. nice engine(i touched 85 alone(61 kg), and 65 with my friend(64 kg) sitting back) Seat has already taken bucket shape. Coming to Duro, the scooter again finds inspiration from its bigger sibling, the Kinetic Nova.

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