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preparation of alcohol from alkyl halide

, or phosphorous tribromide, PBr 3.For example, ethyl chloride or ethyl bromide can be prepared from ethyl alcohol via reactions with sulfur and phosphorous halides. One of the best compounds with a good leaving group is an alkyl halide.

The Grignard reaction is the only simple method available that is capable of producing primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols. In order for many types of reactions to occur the carbon chain needs to have a good leaving group. 2. 8.29 that ethane (a hydrocarbon) is produced from ethylmagnesium bromide, which, in turn, comes from ethyl bromide (an alkyl halide). Thus, preparation of Grignard reagents and nitriles is possible from alkyl halides. The resultant carboxylic acid will always have one carbon atom more than the corresponding alkyl halides.f.

An example is the reduction of methyl benzoate to benzyl alcohol and methanol. PREPARATION OF ALKYL HALIDES Mono haloalkanes or Alkyl halides can be prepared by a number of methods. To produce a primary alcohol, the Grignard reagent is reacted with formaldehyde. Some important synthetic methods are as follows: METHOD No. BY USING ALCOHOL AS A MAIN REAGENT A number of reagents such as halogen acids, PCl 5, PCl 3, SOCl 2 …

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Grignard reaction with aldehydes and ketones. Alcohols as a Leaving Group. provides a method for the preparation of hydrocarbons from alkyl halides.

Like alkyl halides, alcohols have a common naming system and a more formal system. Preparation from Acyl Halides and Anhydrides Notice, for exam-ple, in Eq. The common system is similar to that of alkyl halides: name the alkyl group attached to the OH group, ending with the suffix –yl, and add the word alcohol as a second word. The preparation techniques help in the conversion of alkyl halides into the respective carboxylic acids. From Alkyl halides Alkyl halides (halogen derivatives of alkanes) can be converted into alkanes by the following methods: a. Wurtz reaction: When an alkyl halide (usually bromide or iodide) is treated with sodium in dry ether, a symmetrical alkane containing twice the number of carbon atoms of alkyl halide is obtained.

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