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removing cake layers from pan

One popular question is how far in advance you can make cake layers. I have a cake that I have crumb coated and is frozen. Instead of freezing them overnight, can I just leave them in the refrigerator? I am also making my first ever wedding cake for my sister in law. Should I bake on Thursday cover the cake properly, travel to the destination and then freeze till Saturday. To be completely honest, if I am just freezing my cake layers overnight, I don’t wrap them. After about 30 minutes, once the pans are cool to the touch, I remove my cake layers from my pans by gently tapping the pans upside-down on my counter, and carefully removing the layers with my hands. Please help if you can! Remove the pan and let the cake cool completely. Just one question, you mentioned making the frosting in advanced too. HI!! You can totally make them at home, and fly with them! How long after the 30 min thaw do you think it takes to come to room temperature for a 4 later cake? Nothing stops a layer cake in its tracks like layers that stick or break apart as you remove them from the pan. I like to freeze my layers, let them thaw, then level them before assembling a cake. Someone on here has a saying that goes like this:  "One baker's never-ever is another baker's go-to". Hi Natalie!!

As long as the frosting is completely covering the cake layers, it should lock in all the moisture, and the cake should stay nice and moist I let cakes sit in the fridge overnight, or for a few days all the time!

Once the layers are trimmed, leveled, and still slightly chilled, I begin to make the cake. Or is it better if I put in the fridge? Hi!

4 inch cake layers are TINY! I guess I was doing the right thing after all! By So I’ve frozen my cakes in advance and want to crumb coat and let sit in the fridge overnight until I am able to decorate tomorrow.

It will be Thanksgiving weekend, that Saturday. At this point they’re still chilled, but also slightly firm.

Decorating Hi chelsea, first of all your are an amazing baker and i love the fact that you are always making most of your creations with buttercream. Your advice would be great! Thanks in advance!!

When you remove your cake from the oven, don’t flip it out of the pan right away! I’ve found it makes no difference in taste, and makes the whole process simpler. I always freeze, but you can but them in the fridge if they’re wrapped properly and you don’t want to wait to let them thaw! Before wrapping in freezing? Have you experienced this before when decorating frozen cakes? Ain't it the truth. Not do the full decorations. The cake has been in the freezer overnight and I have moved it to the fridge.

Have you heard of this method? I have a question: Is it okay to leave the cakes (already leveled and sliced to size) overnight, wrapped in plastic wrap on the counter if I’m going to be assembling the cake the next day? I definitely think if the cake has a couple hours to sit at room temp once it’s decorated, they should be thawed and ready to eat around noon Hope that helps, happy baking!! Thanks, Kristy!

If you think about steam rising from a baked good hot out of the oven, it’s moisture evaporating right out whatever you just baked! 2004 - 2020 © Cake Central Media Corp. All Rights Reserved.

My kitchen got way too warm and I couldn’t continue frosting. Any tips on keeping the buttercream frosting from melting? I only let my crumb coated cakes sit in the freezer for about 10 minutes before adding the second layer of frosting. You def don’t want to add it before freezing the cake layers! Saturday? I made a bridal shower cake the night before the shower and didn’t refridgerate it. I made and assembled my made in advance cake layers for my own wedding cake on Thursday, and my wedding was Sunday! post #4 of 10 Quote: Originally Posted by MimiFix The … Hope that makes sense, happy baking! But for rich, heavy, dense cakes like Mud Cake and Traditional Fruit Cakes - these get left in the pan until the cake is cold. What did I do wrong to cause the condensation? I then let them sit out for about 20 minutes after I’ve trimmed the sides to thaw a bit, then I level the tops. Give it a Bang I’ve done it before and it was fine!! So I run into a lot of questions with know one to assist. Aw I’m so happy to hear that Elizabeth! you definitely can! This year I’m trying to blog my answers to the questions you guys ask the most! Thank you Chelsea! But I also don’t know how warm it is where you live, where you’re driving to, or what the weather will be like on that day :/ sorry I can’t be of more help! Laetia

Let it sit for approx. I love a lot of frosting, so I add about 1 cup of frosting between 8 inch cake layers, 1.5 cups between 10 inch cake layers, and about 3/4 of a cup between 6 inch cake layers. That’s awesome to hear, it really is a game changer!! Be sure to keep your knife vertical so you don't accidentally cut into the sides of your cake. you can also level them then freeze them though! I let them thaw the day of, then frost and serve them.

As long as your frosting is stiff enough and the cake is thoroughly chilled before you transport it, it should be able to support its weight just fine. I usually level them once they’ve sat for 30 minutes, then assemble the cake. I baked some cakes from your recipe for naked cakes and I froze the layers for a wedding. Absolutely love your baking and helpful tips like this, thank you!! And I am so excited. Hope that helps, happy baking! No matter which way I turn, there is always something new/different around that corner. I’d recommend letting your leveled layers thaw for about 30 minutes (give or take for bigger or smaller layers), and soak them in simple syrup before frosting and assembling your tiers. But I’m always too paranoid to cut them before!! Hi Trupti! I wanted to make the cake layers a day in advance and I was wondering how long will it have to thaw if I want to eat it immediately after? AI think it is better to wait 10minutes for butter cakes and then remove.Up side down to the rack. Extremely helpful !!! What do you recommend me to start with as a beginner? Pry the sides loose with a rounded knife. If I make the entire cake (including the final frosting layer and all the designs) 2 or 3 days in advance from when I want it to be presented or cut, where should I store the cake? haha I know it seems creepy, but that’s what I do! And how long should I refrigerate after I frost it? Just found your site and can’t wait to start trying some of your recipes and your amazing technique of fresh flowers on a cake board, slathered with buttercream!!! But sometimes as the cake sits at room temperature, it can form air bubbles or the sides can bulge. The cake has caramelization on the top and sides, which lock in the moisture. Remove pan. I froze them for a bit before trimming the top and sides off, then put them in a double layer of seran wrap and put the wrapped layers in a tupper ware container. In the meantime, the warm pan and moisture from the kitchen towel will create steam, which will help remove your cake from the pan when you unmold it. Try it both ways. if you want to eat the cake shortly after making it/want it to be at room temp more quickly, I’d recommend letting the frozen layers almost fully thaw before frosting the cake! Hi Chelsea! I loved to bake my layers one night, prep my frosting and cake fillings another, and then enjoy the decorating process over the weekend. I’ll update the post to include that Also so happy to hear that!!! - Chelsweets, How to DIY Your Wedding Cake – Wedding Invitation Templates,

I love your vanilla cake recipe it’s my Go to everyone always loves it! I was planning on two to three layers each of 6”-8”-10”. Your recipes are out of this world and so awesome. I plan to travel on Thursday by flight with the baked cake layers and go to the destination freeze them till Saturday and then frost and decorate. I’ve def never tested a cake for that long!

I hope your son loves his birthday cake!!! Cos I’ve noticed that once I put it in the freezer there’s a little condensation that happens on the whole cake. I walk through how I traveled with my cake layers and frosting here:, Sorry for the delayed response!! Peek under the wire rack and see if the cake has dropped out. I find I’m able to enjoy it most when I’m not worrying about how much longer my layers need to bake, or cleaning up the clouds of powdered sugar that seem to coat my kitchen whenever I make frosting.

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