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samanco ice cream sandwich

Established in 1967, the company offers a wide variety of frozen ice cream products, ranging from popsicles to ice cream sandwiches that come in fish shape.

$30.74 #15. Do note that this packaging has been updated recently. B.B.Big popsicles are available in two flavours in Singapore: We tried the Matcha with Red Bean flavour, which tasted like creamy Matcha latte ice cream with generous amounts of whole red beans. To open the rooms for people to gather like before, without karaoke. The yoghurt cone comes in two flavours: Plain Yoghurt Cone and Mixed Berry Yoghurt Cone (as seen below). The green tea flavored popsicle is only exclusively available outside of Korea.

The writer of this sponsored article by F&N Creameries, the official distributor of Binggrae ice creams, has had one too many ice cream popsicles. Pangtoa can be found in selected Fairprice Finest stores, convenience stores, and Korean specialty stores. I loved this! Check out the lower left of the wrapper. Required fields are marked *, Of travel, food and people – the road to learning. so much controversy over the introduction of the Magnum ice cream bars by Selecta,, The World Famous McKroket from McDonald’s in the Netherlands, Patchi Designer Chocolates in the Philippines.

There is no mistaking its texture, though. Web development by Ripplewerkz. All rights reserved. It is also great for those who love some bready-wafer-like texture on their ice cream. Back then, this ice bar was considered pretty value-for-money for its size as not many could indulge in ice creams. Sure the sweetness is overpowering, but I guess that’s what captured my tastes–besides, I love the red bean paste!

As to why it has to be a fish remains a mystery, and further research is in order for En Route. This fish-shaped ice cream sandwich is ubiquitous on the streets of Korea. Sponsored B.B.Big stands for “bigger ice bar”. Makes you wonder, though: wonder if there are other ice cream sandwiches out there in the Philippines that are just ready to be tasted ;)? |, Your email address will not be published. If left to soften up more, you will find the Samanco’s ice cream oozing out like watery goo from all sides.

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| Samanco come in variety of flavors like Red Bean, Chocolate, Strawberry and Green Tea. A very pretty drink with a refreshing appeal There are five flavours in total and the Melon flavour emerged as a hot (or cool) favourite at the top of the list in our internal office poll.

The shape of Samanco was inspired by a grilled Korean snack called Bungeo-ppang or Carp Bread. I was addicted to McDo’s plain sundae cone. The company that produces the banana milk that most Singaporeans are now familiar with is called Binggrae. Big ice bar had some pretty whacky advertisements in the past.

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