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series 79 vs series 7

on data and analysis. The 10 additional questions are scattered throughout at random. The Series 7 passing score is 73%. The Series 26 is a FINRA-sponsored licensing exam that must be passed in order to become a supervisor or manager of agents selling mutual funds or variable insurance products. The date of the Series 79 exam is a 120-day window that is opened when a candidate enrolls for the exam. Mergers and Acquisitions and Restructuring, Series 79 – Investment Banking Representative Exam, SEC Approves Rule Change Creating New Limited Representative – Investment Banker Registration Category and Series 79 Investment Banking Exam, Series 24 – General Securities Principal Exam, 1230. Study for and pass the Series 79 top-off exam. Continuing education is required after you earn your license, It's a multiple-choice test with 75 questions. The Series 79 exam topics assess an entry-level registered representative’s competency and degree of knowledge associated with carrying out the three critical functions of an investment banking representative. Analysis of trends in the market, specific industry sectors, individual companies, and the capital structure and valuation metrics of comparable companies, Due diligence by identification of information that is required to be disclosed in public or private offering documents Public offerings, Sell-side and buy-side transactions associated with mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, and closing. The Series 79 license is for investment bankers, enabling them to offer advice on or facilitate public or private debt or equity offerings, mergers or acquisitions, tender offers, financial restructuring, asset sales, and divestitures or corporate reorganization. For example, while both cover options strategies and calculations, the SIE focuses more on basic options positions, such as single positions and hedging strategies, whereas the Series 7 Top-Off goes a step further and tests on advanced positions, such as spreads a… Most of the test is more relevant to the functions and services of retail securities firms. Candidates need to answer 73% of the questions correctly for a passing score., A tutorial on the exam is provided prior to taking it. The questions most frequently asked about Series 79—such as what the license is for and Series 79 exam difficulty, passing score, pass rates, questions, and topics—are answered in this article. The exam is made up of 75 multiple choice questions and is completed on a personal computer. However, because the Series 79 focuses on investment banking, the Series 24 General Securities Principal will be limited to investment banking supervisory responsibilities if the candidate only has the Series 79.. Series 79 exam questions all relate to the three functions shown in this table: Most candidates spend 60 to 100 hours studying for the FINRA Series 79 exam. Or, if you’re just getting started, check out our SIE packages. The questions are detailed with a heavy emphasis When a person is engaged only in selling the offering or actively marketing the offering to investors, the Series 79 is not necessary. By contrast, the Series 7 license enables you to sell corporate stocks and bonds, municipal bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities, options, direct participation program partnerships, collateralized mortgage obligations, and more. Download our free eBook, Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam, studying for all securities licensing exams, F1 - Collection, analysis, and evaluation of data, F2 - Underwriting/New financing transaction, types of offerings and registration of securities, F3 - Mergers and acquisitions, tender offers, and financial restructuring transaction. If you’re interested in taking the exam, we have Series 79 exam preparation packages. "Series 79 – Investment Banking Representative Exam." which means you can take and pass them in any order. FINRA restructured their examination programs. however. Secure a sponsorship from a FINRA-member firm. Officially listed as Investment Banking Limited Representatives by FINRA, Series 79 license holders are usually associates What is the difference between the FINRA Series 79 and Series 7 license? If you’re interested in a career in investment banking and want to engage in its specific activities, this is the license to have. that investment bankers seldom, if ever, engage in. Yes, although the more natural progression is to take the SIE exam first, mainly because you don’t have to be sponsored to take it, and it is a more general exam that covers securities concepts. Although these exams have many topics in common, one of the major differences between them is that the Series 7 Top-Off delves deeper into each content area. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service. Accessed May 2, 2020. that investment bankers seldom, if ever, engage in. Before 2009, the better-known exam, the Series 7, was required. representative with a Series 7 license who wants to work investment banking should earn the Series 79 license. Pricing of securities in debt and equity offerings, Managing the allocation and stabilization activities of offerings, Transactions involving business combinations, which might include rendering solvency and fairness opinions. Like all other securities qualification exams, the Series 79 exam is administered by computer at a Prometric testing center.

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