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stand strong song

Don't flip drugs, just a slick thug that gets love

Shit, my crew will run a blitz on your team

Diggin' in the Crates crew, Dignafied Soldiers

When I'm onstage you niggas know who's mic this is.

Which niggas want to bring the drama? When I'm onstage you niggas know who's mic this is To disable, switch Autoplay to ‘OFF’ under Settings.

What I recite be taking hours to write Let me remind y'all once (once)

And I been peeped Duke, in the rearview, ain't nuttin [Hook: All] I be that underworld Don, certified bomb When our man passed on, we still march on Then I seen the kids who did it, cocked my gat and got that back

So if you bite just tell your man what type of flowers you like Cause where we hit it we gon' rape it Now you figure the rest, I'm a stop at that (What you after Pah?) To let you know that D.I.T.C. I am too much for the average man, nigga, who can? Get raw like, G.D. on mics of all types Listen to Stand Strong (Long Version) MP3 song. You ain't, fuckin with Diggin' is like walking on quicksand Soldiers til the day that we die, rest assured

That's what you say, but I say, "It's probably something" Lyrics for Stand Strong by Hylander Singing Men.

Make chicks bug then take it all off like strip clubs Runing round, fronting hard like you "bout it, bout it" Now who can recall all of the phenomenon is flawless Let my mind spray, foes submit, it's over wit
We live and learn concern for one another like brothers I'm after ill papes like Bill Gates I smoke the cheebas and remain here cause they need us Check it Realer than most, stay concealin the toast Christians all around the world have known who they believe They serve God and surrendered all to serve him faithfully But there are those who water down. Now while y'all bite like termites, we'll shine like torchlights Hold my click like the cheebas, drop bombs like bad receivers My name it ring a bid-ell, I'm hot as hid-ell

Stand Strong song by Adrian Bagher now on JioSaavn. Stand Strong (Long Version) song from the album Stand Strong is released on Oct 2011 . I hem mics, this cat's nice like Glenn Rice Better take it while y'all can get it
Can you relate? Stand Strong | Kingdom Rock VBS | Group Publishing - YouTube Nigga look I've been right, you're skatin on thin ice You still living cause I allowed it, coward

Fantasizing ain't our thing cause we far from a dream The paramegan and nice swans I lace the flaper, wanna be major, that's my nature

I live swid-ell, how could you mention Harlem and forget L? I'm not a child, I'm a grown man That try to roadblock my road to the top, I throw shots © Gamma Gaana Ltd. 2020, All Rights Reserved, Released by BOGUE /MAGIC CITY RECORDS | Oct 2011. English music album Stand Strong. Stand Strong (Long Version) song from the album Stand Strong is released on Oct 2011.

By all means my theme is to gross the cream like Joe Reign supreme, straight and still great

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