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styrene reproductive toxicity

Also, the mean relative (to final body weight) pituitary gland weight was statistically significantly reduced in the high-exposure F2 male pups by 22%. Styrene does not affect fertility or reproductive function. There were no effects on learning and memory in 12 trials. The correlation between body weight and preputial separation in rats is clearly established; therefore, the delay in preputial separation observed in the high-exposure group of the F1 generation is likely to be a consequence of the decrease in body weight observed in this group following direct exposure to styrene after weaning (PND22-28). In summary, if such a detailed analysis is carried out for the four endpoints that were the basis for the RAC (2012) decision and taking into account the general considerations mentioned above, a category 2 classification can hardly be justified. Food Chem Toxicol. Observations of delayed development at 300 ppm in the two rat inhalation developmental studies are referred to as supporting information. An effect was only noted for straight swim time on pnd 24 but not in the trial on pnd 62.  |  This information has not been reviewed or verified by the Agency or any other authority. 500 ppm. A significant increase of the relative testicular weight was found as well as histopathological alterations of testes including loss of gametes in the seminiferous tubules. This site needs JavaScript to work properly. in the F0 generation, (i.e., fully developed adult animals), and. This site needs JavaScript to work properly. A well-conducted two-generation inhalation study (Cruzan et al., 2005a) found no effects on fertility and reproductive performance in rats exposed to up to 500 ppm (2165 mg/m3, ca. (1985) described behavioural effects (amphetamine-induced locomotor activity and apomorphine induced stereotypy) after gestational and neonatal exposure of maternal rats to styrene (200 mg/kg bw/d, orally). males: 23.7% reduction in strength; weight reduction 8.6%. The reduction persisted throughout the post-weaning period in the 500 ppm treatment group although during this period the reduction in body weights failed to reach statistical significance (Cruzan et al., 2005b). Res Rep Health Eff Inst. Furthermore, there were no effects found on developmental landmarks in the F1 pups. However, developmental delays have been reported postnatally in a number of non-GLP, non-OECD studies at 300 ppm styrene in the absence of overt maternal toxicity (Kishi et al., 1995; Katakura et al., 2001). Available experimental data in rodents are sufficient to conclude that styrene is not a reproductive toxicant. About half of the exposed subjects complained about musculoskeletal pain and/or half about mucous membrane irritation. Overall, these fertility studies did not find a consistent pattern of adverse effects and reports on malformations/abortions are limited by small number of subjects, imprecise exposure information for styrene, and potential exposure to other substances. Acute (short-term) exposure to styrene in humans results in mucous membrane and eye irritation, and gastrointestinal effects. The relevance of these findings is difficult to interpret due to the unphysiological application route, insufficient reporting (i.e. The CERHR basically came to the same conclusions as the UK Risk Assessment Report with only minor deviations: The human data are insufficient to conclude that styrene is a reproductive toxicant (emphasis added).

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