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the last of us 2 leaked gameplay footage

Major spoiler alert. You didn't even read my post or at least you didn't understand it. Hey, can you send me leaks of TLOU2, thanks in advance. Does contain some minor spoilers. Don't know how they have it but found a blog that still has the clips. It showed about 7 minutes of footage, most of which was a cutscene between Ellie and Joel and it was a pretty interesting one, if anyone wants to know what happened in the footage just PM me and i'll tell you. I know how a progressive SJW Neil Druckman, but there is just no proof that this game contains this kind of BS. Thank you! Press J to jump to the feed. I hope The last of us 2 leaked videos is the first of many disasters to come to that studio. The Last Of Us: Part 2 Leaked Footage Surfaces And Is Filled With SJW Antics *Spoilers* | #TLOU2 #TheLastOfUs2 #Leaked, Someone has taken to the web to leak Sony and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 gameplay footage. The latest bit about the game’s tightly-guarded story comes from an interview in the December, 2019 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. So... What did that leak revealed? I have the link but i think it was taken down. (more…), The Last Of Us: Part 2 Sales Reach 4 Million In 3 Days, According To Sony | #TLOU2 #TheLastOfUs2 #Sony #PS4 #SalesData #TraitorsOfAmerica, Sony and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us: Part 2 has reportedly broken a record when it comes to PlayStation exclusives. Don't know how they have it but found a blog that still has the clips. One angry developer leaked some gameplay videos and cutscenes after Naughty Dog refused to compensate employees. The Last of Us 2 leaked gameplay footage videos show off a lot of major story points with major characters Joel, Ellie, and Dina. I saw that one already, if what I think happened happened, can't say i'm surprised. No joke, staff are going to the hospital from burnout from being overworked and stressed out, i feel it may be a bit unethical to support this company after they did this to their employees, I for one, am glad for the leak. Earlier today, a series of clips from the upcoming The Last Of Us Part II began making the rounds online.The leak follows yesterday's announcement that both TLOU2 and Iron Man VR are going to be delayed indefinitely. Was trying to find a way to watch them again. Thank goodness if that's the case. It's only unpopular opinion with r/thelastofus mods, shills for big corporations, and people naturally attracted to identity politics. Its sounds like you do have a problem with diversity in video games if you're going to passionately write up a whole post about it and accusing SJW in playing a part in it when theres a good chance they didnt. The leaked gameplay of The Last of Us 2 was not credible as several changes have been made to the game since that footage was taken. This bullshit love scenes are so unnecessary and not what the first game was about, they're so out of place and I feel uncomfortable watching Ellie have ѕеx because even though she's 19 now, she was 14 in the lsat game and to me that just feels weird because that's who i remember her as idk maybe I'm just being weird on that one. I'm glad the last of us 2 gameplay footage and plot got leaked , and all of you should too. The footage has popped on a number of different Youtube channels throughout the day and Sony has been DMCA'ing the videos like a game of leaker Whac-A-Mole. Schatz responded by saying that it was running on the PS4 Pro. Later Abby, the trаnѕgеnder, kills Ellie and her Jеwish girlfriend Dina who is pregnant with some Аsian kid. The Last of Us 2 has leaked again, but this time the footage is from Naughty Dog's standalone multiplayer expansion, a successor to the original game's PvP mode, Factions.. But I am sure fans are angry that their game is getting leaked and spoiled everywhere. Two new The Last Of Us Part II gameplay videos have leaked just a day after it was announced that the game was delayed indefinitely.., Could you send the leaks? . (more…), Just Some Guy, HeelvsBabyface, Lethal Lightning Copyright Struck By Sony, Naughty Dog For Discussing Last Of Us 2 Censorship | #TLOU2 #Censorship #Sony, More content creators are being copyright struck by Sony and Naughty over The Last Of Us: Part II leaks.

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