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what is the measurement of kho kho court with lobby

Being from journalism background with experience in media from couple of years I would like to keep this legacy going and now joining Kreedon gives me one more platform to explore the new world. INDEX : 250, SUB-JUNIOR BOYS/GIRLS : Age below 14 yrs. There are both side two polls. How can we do better as a nation regarding our sports culture while not spending much money or resources at ground level? The points M and N shall coinside with centre of the Posts and shall be at a distance exactly half the width of the KHO KHO Court & touching the Post Line. This skill proves how fast and attentive you are. The first National Championship (men) was organised in 1960. lobby definition: 1. to try to persuade a politician, the government, or an official group that a particular thing…. X 30 cms. endobj The toss winning team decide the either to defend or to chase. The Post shall not be tapered. x 30 से.मी. There are certain rules to follow in the game (Credits Epilogue), The game requires speed and flexibility (Credits State of Mysore), The defender should save himself from being caught by chaser (Credits:mybloghowtoplaykhokho). Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag. A demonstration of the Kho-Kho match was presented in 1982, Asian Games, which were held in Delhi, but it has not been included in Asian Games so far. The distance between both is 24 meters. Today, we bring you the perfect guide of Kho Kho. Each team will have 12 players but only 9 of them can compete on the pitch. In 2008, Adarsha CP won this award. Chaser: The sitting team who tries to catch the opponent team member who is running. Janaki Award is given to a girl (Under 18) for her stellar show in the game. The area of 35 cms. Free zone marked with lime powder is 27M x 16m and the central lane where players sit is 23.50m x 30cm. The God taught me to love everybody but the most ones I learned to love are the athletes. The Post shall not be tapered. Area earmarked for Players, Coach and Manager on either side of the Field and adjacent to the End Lines is known as TEAMS BLOCK ( A/B ). At the end of the central lane are two posts. Yes,they can do so,but the captain of the team will have to tell the referee. The cross lane dimensions are 16m x 30cm and 8squares are marked of 30cm x 30cm each. 301, Lalwani Icon, Sakore Nagar, Viman Nagar, Off New Airport road, Pune, Maharashtra 411014. Measurement; Lengthof Kho-Kho field: 29 m (M, W & Jr.) Width of Kho-Kho field: 16 m (M.W. as on or before last day of the Tournament. What is the length and width of the ground? Central lane: Two parallel lines from one pole to other. <> होती है| जिस सीमा-रेखा पर यह पोल लगा होता है, उस रेखा के समांतर 2.5 से.मी. 12. At the end of the central lane are two posts. If he goes in opposite direction he will be given foul. The game starts by chasing down the opponent with the help of team members in the straight direction. Defenders must be quick enough. Now the measurement is 27 * 16. Which is the traditional game of India which consist traits such as cooperation, devotion, keenness, self-esteem, speed and quick thinking?

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